Lincoln Musicians Association

The Party Planner's Guide to Hiring Live Musicians

Q. Why should I choose live music for my party, reception or special event?
A. If you want the energy, excitement and emotion that will make your party absolutely perfect, then live music is your only real choice.

Q. How can I find a band that will set the perfect mood?
A. Whether you want Top 40, rock, country, adult contemporary, big band, jazz, classical, ethnic music, or a blend of styles, Local 463-American Federation of Musicians-has the right band for you. Please check our Referral Page or call (402) 474-3868 for information.

Q. How far in advance of the actual date should a band or solo performer be contacted?
A. As soon as possible. Many bands and solo performers are booked a year in advance of actual performance dates.

Q. How do I know if a band is available for the date in question?
A. Simply call the leader of the group. The leader will tell you everything you need to know about the group's availability. For the leader's phone number, please check our Referral Page or contact the Local-463 AFM office at (402) 474-3868.

Q. What if I can't get my first choice band?
A. If the band you select is already booked, the Local will recommend several suitable alternatives. There are really no "second choices."

Q. How much will the group or solo artist cost?
A. The cost varies depending on the group that you select. The amount will depend on the size of the group, the length of the performance, the occasion, and the group's popularity. Live music usually costs the same as a DJ (but sometimes less) and will make your event memorable.

Q. Can I hear the group before signing a contract?
A. Yes. By contacting the leader, you'll be advised of locations and times the group is performing. Some of our members also have audio and/or videotape libraries of their bands our sound bytes available.

Q. How can I be sure that the group or solo artist won't cancel at the last minute?
A. Sign an AFM contract, which will be furnished by the group's leader. Both you and the leader must sign the contract to make it binding. An AFM contract is your guarantee that you'll get the band you have selected on the date and time you have specified. Once this document is signed, the group is obligated to honor the contract--and so is the purchaser.

Q. What if I sign a contract and then find out that I have to cancel my party or event?
A. A cancellation clause that allows the purchaser to cancel the engagement with sufficient advance notice (agreed upon you and the artist) may be appended to any AFM contract. This way, you won't get "stuck"--and neither will the artists.